Amazon’s Revelation Makes Alexa Users Concerned about Their Privacy

We live in a world of technology; we live in an era where almost every passing second new technology is launched. Different companies try to make the lives of the people easy by providing a huge amount of services through their technologies. The companies provide these services to make their users depend more on them and to provide a unique product in the society to attract a variety of customers and to help make their companies bring a change in the lives of their customers.

Amazon’s Alexa

There are various things that we used to do ourselves and sometime during the daily struggles we forget about the tasks needed to be done. We all needed digital assistants in our lives but not all can afford them. Amazon is one of the most popular firms provided a solution to this problem named “Alexa”.

Alexa is the smart assistant that performs all sorts of tasks on your devices, from calling a salon for appointment to shifting songs according to your requirements. Amazon made the lives of its customers easy and mode dependable with the launch of Alexa.

Privacy concerns regarding Alexa

Privacy concern is one of the major issues for every person on the internet. Although Alexa is a smart assistant one could ever ask for, the privacy concerns are increasing day by day.

The retail giant recently confirmed that it keeps transcripts and voice recordings and only removed when they’re manually deleted by the users.

Amazon employees using voice recording to improve Alexa

Earlier this April, Bloomberg publishes a piece regarding thousands of employee access to voice recordings capture in Echo speakers, transcribing them to improve Alexa digital assistant that powers the smart speakers.

In May, CNET reported that Alexa not only keeps your voice recordings but also your voice transcriptions to improve its AI algorithms with no option to delete them.

Amazon’s response to privacy allegations

Amazon didn’t directly accept the allegations but responded that there was a bug and Amazon has since fixed the issue. Along with that they also started rolling out a pair of Alexa commands that allows users to delete recordings without using the website. In addition, the company said, in a response to senator Chris Coons, that it had an “ongoing effort to make sure the transcripts don’t remain in any of Alexa’s storage systems”.

People are still concern about their privacy

People aren’t exactly satisfied with Amazon’s response and the extent to which this data can be shared with third parties and how these third parties can use and control the information is still unclear.

Amazon’s Revelation About Voice Recordings Makes Alexa Users Concerned about Their Privacy

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