Lockers Industry: Tech for All

It should come as no surprise that these days, in most cases, if you want to rebrand something, you’re gonna need to add some tech. Much like fashion, everyday items also make daring comebacks, all with a little help from the miniaturization of technology.

“It’s not like lockers really went anywhere,” says a spokesperson for Premier Lockers. The company has been providing storage and locker solutions to greater Australia for years but has recently found a resurgence in the need for storage. “There’s definitely more than one reason that people are looking towards mobile storage again, but newer integrated technology is definitely helping to renew curiosity.” This has actually been happening for decades, and not just for storage solutions. Theories and inventions would be created, only to be cast off because we didn’t yet have the power or the technology to really make them into something genuinely useful.

Technology, Re-innovation

When you talk about things like the home computer, or even cellphones, it’s easy to see how the integration of miniaturized technology has changed the way we live and organize our daily lives. But what about all of the other modern conveniences that we use daily?

From coffee makers, to indoor plumbing, innovation certainly seems to drive demand. Smaller, more compact, and easier to use devices are placed throughout our lives in ways that 100 years ago, no one would have thought possible. For lockers, what started out as a clumsy, easily hackable mechanism, has now progressed into something that is so easily personalized, we can create banks of single use storage solutions that allow for multi-patronage.

Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers in the world, has begun to catch on to this trend. Creating large banks of package lockers that are opened via barcode. These hub lockers allow for brick and mortar pickup at the clients convenience. Because each customer is sent an individual and unique barcode, the lockers provide a secure pick-up space that no one else has access to. “Barcode locks are just one of the hundreds of new types of locking technology.” the spokesperson says. “QR code scanners, keypads, RFID, unique magnetics, even fingerprint scanners are becoming the preferred method of locking. They’re incredibly secure, and you don’t have to fumble with a loose key.” Lockers aren’t the only storage solutions that are succumbing to the tech revolution, either.

Photo: Daniel Chen / Unsplash

Living Big in a Smaller World

“Costs of housing and real estate in general has driven many consumers to start looking at smaller storefronts, or smaller housing options. While this does mean downsizing, people aren’t particularly ready to give up their possessions or on hand stock options, so it’s required storage retailers to get really creative when it comes to storing more with less space.” Premier Lockers says that it’s not just the humble locker that has undergone a new tech makeover, but also other types of traditional storage solutions.

Even parking garages are getting their day in the sun when it comes to technology. In urban areas, where space is a premium, automated parking garages are making necessary conveniences that much more efficient. In Japan, people have started building “origami houses” where rooms become multifunctional with on-demand space, created by cleverly designed walls and storage features that expand or collapse based on need.

“It’s not just about space though,” Premier Lockers spokesperson tells us. “People also want easy to access solutions that are secure. We live such fast paced lives, it’s almost impossible not to have to multitask during the day.” Premier Lockers says that the same idea that brought secure lockers to travellers, like those found in train stations and airports, are not becoming even easier to use and more ubiquitous- helping us to accomplish more tasks at once.

In Seattle, Washington, this is shockingly evident with the introduction of the “smart dog house” in front of some grocery stores. These clever, air-conditioned units are rented via mobile app and provide a safe and secure space for man’s best friend while owners are off shopping in the “no dogs allowed” areas. This presents an excellent alternative for people leaving their pets in hot cars, or tied up to a lamp post outside.

“What’s to come is hard to say, but I can definitely assure people that the innovations will keep coming.” says the Premier Lockers spokesperson.
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