New Changes to Google Search will Show Diverse Results of Different Domains

Google search results will now show mix results after the latest update, announced Google's Search Liaison in a tweet. Whenever a query will be typed into Google, it will include a maximum of two results from the same domain, increasing the diversity of search results.

Google stated that the new update in Google Search is to give users variety in search results, which means top results will not contain more than two results from the same domain.

However, it might not be the case every time, as Google has the right to display more than two results when it is required and results are more relevant. It would be the case mostly when the queries are related to brands specifically, like searching Amazon.

Sub-domain will also be considered part of the main domain and will be shown only the results of the main domain. Like will be one of the results of

Still, Google has the right to considered sub-domain separately when there is a need to show diverse yet relevant results.

This new update will only affect the core results of the Google, whereas, other search features like top stories, videos, images, and other searches will remain unaffected, said Danny Sullivan of Google.

It would not impact the ranking of pages as it would remain the same. However, only the URLs shown will be changed in the search result.

The changes are not perfect, and Google might continue showing more than two results. But with time, it will be improved. Tweets also stated that this change is different from the diversity to be implemented from June 2019.

A site that tries to dominate the search results for a certain query may be impacted the most than any other areas of research.

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