Microsoft introduces Plug and Play for 'Internet-of-Things' devices

Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing the Plug and Play feature to IoT devices. When enabled, the feature would allow users to plug virtually any outer device into a Windows PC without having to worry about the drivers.

In a typical setting, an IoT device takes some effort to connect. However, the IoT Plug and Play feature will simplify the process and make the hardware and software configuration steps hassle-free.

According to the corporate vice president of Azure, Julia White, connecting the millions of IoT devices to the cloud is a challenging task. But with the IoT Plug and Play, the developers can easily connect the devices to the cloud without drafting out a code.

For their new initiative, Microsoft has brought on several hardware and software manufacturers on board. This includes Askey, Brainium, Compal, Kyocera, Thudercomm, STMicroelectronics, and VIA Technologies.

The company also states that several devices are already equipped with the Plug and Play feature and interested users can find them in the Azure IoT Device Catalog.


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