Can Instagram Alt Text Help Your Business Grow?

Instagram Alt Text is a powerful but underutilized tool offered by Instagram. It was released in November 2018, but what purpose does it serve a business? What scope does it have to help your business grow? Before answering these questions, let’s understand what Instagram Alt Text is.

Understanding Instagram Alt Text

According to the internet lingo, Alt means Alternative. So, Alt Text stands for Alternative Text. This is a text that is displayed instead of an image if that image can’t be read or seen properly. There are two situations where alt text will come to your rescue:

• If the internet speed is too slow.

• If you are using a browser for visually impaired people or a special screen reader that tells you the content of the image.

Instagram uses an object recognition technology to come up with the description of the photo for the screen readers. Generating new followers on Instagram may be easy if you know how to get real Instagram likes, but if you can take advantage of this feature, it will focus on many untapped customers who can become loyal to your company in the future.

Can Instagram Alt Text Help Your Business Grow?

Importance of Instagram Alt Text for business growth

In simple terms, Instagram Alt Text is an extension of social media optimization and SEO. However, don’t forget that Instagram has a search bar where users can find tags, places, and accounts based on their keywords. It works like an internet browser where you search with a keyword to find the desired information. Instagram Alt Text is a step further towards sophisticating the search algorithms in this social networking site. It is the next big thing that can improve your company’s growth.

The image recognition technology allows Instagram to show your post to people who want to see such kind of content. When you use Instagram Alt Text, it acts as a signal in the Instagram search engine where the algorithm understands more clearly what the keyword behind the image is.

Visual search is becoming highly popular now. You can use this to your company’s advantage because as much as 11% of the search queries return in the form of images along with bug chunks of results linked from various social media platforms. So, if someone searches online with “Bali travel photos,” the first link that may appear is your Instagram business page. Imagine how much traffic your business can draw if you can use Instagram Alt Text.

Instagram is improving the desktop experience so that users can find Instagram posts on popular search browsers. This will add to the benefit of Instagram Alt Text feature. Some of the advantages your business will enjoy are:

• It will make your content inclusive for visually impaired people.

• Send clues regarding your posts to the Instagram search algorithm.

• Expand the content discoverability beyond Instagram.

Now that you know the benefits of Instagram Alt Text, start using it before others follow the trend. It is one handy tool that can allow your business to grow fast in an unconventional way.

Featured photo: Lisa Fotios
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