Google Sheets Becomes More Like Excel With New Tools

There used to be a time not all that long ago when someone that wanted to make a spreadsheet of some sort would have to do so using Microsoft Excel, as this was the only technology available at the time that would allow someone to use such a tool to its fullest extent. However, now we have a powerful alternative in the form of Google Sheets, a spreadsheet creation platform that was housed in the G Suite which also included Google’s answer to Microsoft Word, Google Docs.
Google Sheets is introducing several enhanced tools for spreadsheet formatting
However, for the longest time Google Sheets continued to fall short of the standard that had been set by Excel because of the fact that it lacked certain features that Microsoft Excel offered. However, a new set of updates has improved formatting functions on Google Sheets and has allowed users to have greater control over the graphical representation of the statistics that they have put into the spreadsheet. One new update that is included here is the “guide” feature which is basically a frame of sorts that would make it easier for you to position your graphs in places where you feel like they would end up having more of an effect over whatever it is that you are doing at that point in time.

You also get the option to select multiple tables at once, and table positioning has become easier due to the pivoting features that have now been added.
We’re launching several new features and tools that will help you create more compelling and stylized reports in Sheets: Guides, Multi-Selecting Objects, Enhanced Pivot Table Insertion, Copy and paste images into Sheets, and, Formula backed charts inserted from Answers, announced GSuite team in a blog post.
It’s good to see Google focusing so much on these areas because of the fact that Google Sheets has been lacking here for quite some time, and it’s high time now that it starts catching up.
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