Gmail Have Updated Rules for Conversation View

Gmail let emails with same topics to appear as Conversation View, so users can easily view the previous messages as in texting or chats. Now there are certain changes brought about into it which will keep a strict check on what kind of messages will be appeared in conversation form or a thread.

There are certain conditions upon which Google will create a thread to messages:

1. When the message is sent as a reply

2. If the sender or the receiver of the message is same, and have the same subject of the message.

3. If the reply to an earlier message is within a week

Also if there is a Reference header on the message received, it should include the Message-ID of the emails sent earlier that are to be part of the thread. This is to make sure that the flow of the thread is undisturbed and is cohesive.

It means that even if two emails are from the same sender and with the same subject, it will not appear as a thread if the required reference is not there. Because of which there will be more independent emails in the box to which you can reply as usually it is done.
This updated Conversation View is now already available to Gmail web version and also for the Android and iPhone devices. Google has asked its users to take care of certain rules if they want to send thread emails:
  • The subject of the emails must be the same
  • It should include reference headers with the reference ID of previous emails in the thread or it should refer to the same message ID again and again
In case the subject is different or the reference is unique in the header, these emails will not appear in the Conversation View.
"If you don’t want your messages to be threaded in Gmail, you can either have different subjects or send each message with a unique References header value that will never match another message.", explained G Suite team in a blog post.

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