Revolutionizing the digital: 3 principles changing the tech-world

How can the entire breakthroughs of the digital revolution in the modern world be limited to just 3 principles of technology?

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, there are technologies which are taking the world by storm and creating the future that we once used to imagine.

And even though it is true that there is an infinite number of innovations that are becoming a part of daily lives, all of them can be segregated into three main principles or kinds.

Let’s see what those are.

Constant change

We create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. That is the number of pennies it would take to cover Earth’s surface 5 times.

This amount of data every day means that the entire world wide web is getting updated with information every second of every hour. Not only information update, but the rate of innovation in today’s world is lightning fast.

And resultantly, we are creating technology that is capable of accommodating this rapid and constant state of change, be it in learning, working or even shopping.

For instance:

The concept behind machine learning is constant updating of information in a system. From virtual personal assistants and personalised online shopping to social media and search engine result refining, everything uses machine learning to make our experiences more personalised.

In fact, with every search that we enter (virtually anywhere over the internet) helps in building up our personal databases for service providers to use.

Revolutionizing the digital: 3 principles changing the tech-world
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This is why you keep seeing ads for the things that you might have recently search for.

eLearning courses are becoming more and more popular among modern learners because, being digital, they can be easily updated, changed or customised as per the needs of individual learners.


As rapidly as it is changing, there is virtually no aspect of human life that is untouched by technology. And because of this property, today, the concept of remote working and eLearning are shaping our futures.

The power of smartphones has made it possible for the internet to reach every nook of the world, making modern technology and the internet accessible to 2.5 billion people and opening up more opportunities.

For Instance:

Today, around 70% of the global working population works from home at least one day per week. Additionally, there are many fully remote companies which are not only functional but arguably, more productive as well.

Real-time collaboration platforms like HuddleBoard, have made it possible for remote teams to interact from anywhere in the world. It even makes it possible to simulate virtual team meetings.

An eLearning can help teachers to host virtual classes in real-time for students present in various parts of the world.

Global Markets

The stride at which our ability to communicate and share information with the world is changing is dictating the rapid growth of almost every other industry and technology in the world.

For any business, new clients and competitors are emerging every hour and, regardless of their size, companies have but only one way to win this race - reach global markets, as fast as possible. And that’s why every form of global markets has digitised to create a larger impact.

Thankfully, several social media platforms and the power of AI available to us are making the job easier for many companies.

For instance:

Marketers are deploying machine learning for targeting their customers through internet ads and social media channels. The idea behind this is to provide a personalised experience to every user.

New techniques, like influencer marketing, are substituting the traditional marketing strategies. This is because influencer marketing has become one of the most successful and large-scale-word-of-mouth strategies for B2B and B2C businesses alike.

Last words

It is true that the size of the internet and its impact on the world’s population is nearly impossible to scale today. Although, we can sum up all the expeditiously growing digital technologies in larger umbrellas to understand them better.

Technology is the biggest revolution of today’s time and we are all a part of it. But if you are still in doubt, discuss these changes in your tech-circle to grasp this reformation.
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