Microsoft removes the app tabs feature from Windows 10 – for good?

News regarding Microsoft testing a new tabbed apps feature for Windows 10 was making the rounds for some time. However, the company has finally decided that the same would not be rolled out along with the major release of Windows 10.

In fact, it seems that the Sets feature may never see the light of the day on Windows 10.

Microsoft's program manager also confirmed the news that the app tabs feature is no more but users can add tabs to the Windows command line according to their preference.

According to the media reports, Microsoft has decided to drop the plans for Sets because the company has now moved Edge over to Chromium. The Edge was a significant part of Sets and would enable it to be a part of every Universal Windows App.

When contacted, a spokesperson of Microsoft confirmed that the company is now prioritizing work on their new Edge browser. The operating system giant also informed that it is too early to determine the fate of Sets.

However, for the users of Windows 10, Microsoft is integrating with third-party solutions like Groupy that would allow them to take any open app and make it a tab in another app.

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