Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Bashes Social Networks for Encouraging the Spread of Hate Speech!

It has become quite difficult to find reliable news these days, especially on the Social Media platforms. There are multiple different versions of the same story. Linux’s Creator, Linus Torvalds heavily criticized and exposed the nature of Social Media during his interview with Robert Young, Linux Journal’s first publisher.

According to Linus, Social Media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are responsible for the instigation of hatred. He also brought up how Facebook’s “liking and sharing” culture has tarnished the credibility of news. Linus said that Facebook’s clickbait content’s main purpose is to cause outrage among masses.

It should be mentioned here that although Linus himself is known for his crude behavior due to a few altercations in the past, the criticism of fake news on Social Media is not the reason behind it.

He also believes that Social Media websites often like to associate privacy with anonymity, but that’s not the case as Anonymity, although useful in many cases, can encourage a user to spark hate speech on the platform, without fearing the consequences, due to their identities being hidden.

In addition to that, Linus also pointed out how this toxicity on Social Media websites can result in people becoming anti-social due to the spread of hatred. Countless such examples have emerged last year and it is quite concerning.

People should understand that hate speech is mostly targeted towards a specific group. The spilling of hatred is more common during political events, and such events are capable of causing tensions even among people who are on best terms.

Linux Creator: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Are A Disease
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