Several Decade-old Posts have Vanished from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Profile!

In a surprising turn of events, several posts have vanished from the social media profile of Facebook's co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Yes, that’s true. It was first reported by Business Insider on Friday that many of Zuckerberg’s Facebook posts from years ago, were mistakenly deleted by the network itself. All posts made by the CEO in 2007 and 2008 have disappeared (verified by some journalists and media outlets).

Several important old public news posts and their links are no longer working, and they are not appearing in Zuckerberg's timeline.

According to a spokesperson, the reason behind the deletion is unknown and it can be said that it was caused due to technical errors. They could have probably been restored but the process would have required too much time and effort, in addition to fair chances of it not succeeding. Thus, it was decided to not work on that.

However, those posts can still be found on the company’s blog as well as in its newsroom, and thanks to Internet Archive Wayback Machine we can still view the original content of those posts.

This is not the first time that content posted by Zuckerberg has gone missing as various comments of his have occasionally disappeared as well. In addition to that, a number of messages sent by him to other people vanished from the receivers’ inboxes, last April. They were deleted due to security reasons by using the self-delete option.

According to the spokesperson, the self-delete functionality and some other changes were implemented for Zuckerberg and other executives’ security after Sony Pictures' e-mails were compromised in 2014.

The retention period of Zuckerberg’s messages was reduced. Additionally, the spokesperson assured that all these steps were taken in light of their legal compulsions to protect messages.

Thus, it is good to see that a company like Facebook that has been surrounded by controversies regarding privacy violations, is turning its attention to transient content.

Some of the Mark Zuckerberg's old Facebook posts have disappeared
Photo: Christophe Morin / IP3 / Getty Images

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