Google Discover: A Great Source for Generating Quality Traffic, Is Now Available In Search Console Reporting

Google Discover, launched in 2018, for mobile web and smartphone users, is now available in Google Search Console dashboard for webmasters and publishers to analyze the traffic data.

After the Google announced that Discover has around 800 million active users, it has emerged as a fruitful source for website owners to generate quality traffic.

Google Search Console adds new site traffic reporting data for Discover feed

A new Discover report is being added to Google Search Console which not only shares relevant statistics but also help in answering questions, which includes;

· How many times the site is shown on Discover and the size of traffic

· What piece of content is doing well on Discover

· How the traditional search results are different than the Discover results
"Discover is a feature within Google Search that helps users stay up-to-date on all their favorite topics, without needing a query.", explained Google team.
According to Webmaster Central Blog, "The new Discover report is shown to websites that have accumulated meaningful visibility in Discover, with the data shown back to March 2019. "

Michael Huzman and Ariel Kroszynski also shared a link to the guide that highlights some key points on how to optimize your content for Discover feed.

Search Console reporting for your site's Discover performance data
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