Facebook's updated post claims that Millions of Instagram users (not thousands) were affected due to a recent data leak!

Facebook published a blog post on 21st March, informing about a security incident regarding passwords of “tens of thousands” of Instagram users. Well, the social media giant has recently updated the post and is claiming that the incident now impacts “millions” of Instagram users.

According to the social networking service, additional logs of Instagram passwords in readable format were spotted, due to which the count of affected users has now gone beyond a few thousands. Facebook assured everyone that the affected users will be notified, and also stated that the passwords weren’t accessed or used inappropriately. However, the company failed to support their claims as to how they reached this conclusion.

If you remember, Facebook acknowledged last month that it had mistakenly stored several million user account passwords in unencrypted and readable form. The account details were accessible to nearly 2,000 developers and engineers. Moreover, this had been going on for years.

As of this moment, Facebook still hasn’t clarified the cause of bug or the exact number of users affected. Liz Bourgeois, Facebook spokesperson, said that an exact number hasn’t been determined yet, and also failed to comment on further details such as the date and time when it was revealed that the affected user count was way more than just a few “thousand”.

Facebook now claims its plain-text password leak affected ‘millions’ of Instagram users instead of thousand

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