Updated Facebook Statistics That Every Marketer Should Know In 2019 (Inforgraphic)

Founded in 2004, Facebook was initially introduced as a social networking site for people from all walks of life. But with time as the term "connectivity" evolved into more meanings, Facebook also progressed and therefore, today it has become a giant in the world of digital marketing as well.

No matter how unique, big or small your campaign is, Facebook is a platform which can yield the maximum results for you. But having a massive 1.5 billion daily active users worldwide, in which majority of the people are young, earn well and belong to a variety of different cultures, targeting your audience in the most effective way has become a bit difficult. For marketers, it is now all about engagement in the ever increasing competition, whereas brands put their best bet in order to produce a lasting impression.

While the challenges are more, it has often been observed that people tend to ignore the most basic things about Facebook that can help them a long way, in case, if they want to increase their outreach in the social media world. Just like your product, it is better to fully understand the platform you are operating through and promote your message in the right language.

So, to inform you with what’s happening around on Facebook currently, here is an infographic from 99firms, containing a compilation of interesting statistics, which will not only amaze your more but can also assist you in optimizing your digital marketing strategies.

60+ Facebook Stats and Facts for 2019 That Digital Marketers Need to Know (Infographic)

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