How Successful Will Be Foldable Smartphones?

There has been a lack of innovation when it comes to smartphones. Only a few upgrades are introduced every now and then. Recently at the Mobile World Congress, the smartphone industry finally had to show something new, that attract the attention of many. Foldable screens are now actually a thing, which is completely different from the flip phones which were quite famous back in the 2000s.

The prices of phones which are first introduced by Samsung and Huawei are near about the prices of high-end laptops, ranging from between $1,980 to $2,600. This has put some of the people at doubt, whether this phone will actually be more than just a foldable screen or not.

According to a study by SurveyMonkey, conducted on behalf of USA Today, this new innovation of foldable smartphones is more of a just a fashion. Customers are always on look to find something new and better than the previous.

Upon asking in a survey, people said what they expect in this new phone is long battery life, better cameras and also 5G connectivity. Customers want a bigger screen along with all other basic features, along with foldable screen which is a desirable option.

Chart courtesy of Statista.

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