Video Posts On Instagram Can Increase Your Engagement By 2x (Social media marketers take note)

Instagram already owns the status of receiving the maximum engagement among all the sites in social media world but if one wants to know how, then a recent study has revealed that posting videos on the platform can bring in two times more engagement for users as compared to any other type of posts.

According to the statistics compiled by Mention team after observing 48+ million Instagram posts from 300K top users, anything in the video format will work more on Instagram for all those 80% businesses and influencers who consider engagement metrics as the most important thing in online marketing.
Instagram Engagement Report: What Your Company Needs to Know for 2019
Some key points in the study further tells us about how many followers most Instagram users have, and what is the quantity of likes received by an average post.

Likes And Comments

On average, the influential users get approximately 5,963 likes on every Instagram post while the normal daily users revolve around 100 with 50% of the same still receiving even even less than 100 likes on an average post.

Average number of likes per post

In both cases, videos create a win-win situation as they remain on top with highest number of likes on such posts and increases overall engagement as well.
"Video posts received on average the highest number of likes. This was expected as video content usually gets higher engagement on most social networks."
The situation gets even better when it comes to comments under videos. The average Instagram post receives 100.34 comments, whereas, video posts, in particular, brings 150 comments. The number can also go up if the video gets viral.

Average number of comments per post


The median number of hashtags on every Instagram post remains at 1 as putting more hashtags in caption puts a negative impact on engagement.

In case of special events or promotion, the hashtags should not exceed more than 5 per post and relevance should be considered while choosing them.

According to the study, #love, #fashion and #instafood are the three most used hashtags on Instagram.

These are the most used hashtags on Instagram.


Almost 46.6 percent of Instagram users have less than 1,000 followers. The remaining 33.5% of users are keeping up with 1,000-10,000 followers while the 9.8% elite users enjoy 10,000-50,000, and 2.7% have 50,000-100,000 followers.

Almost 46.6 percent of Instagram users have less than 1,000 followers.

In case if you want to see more data on Instagram engagement, then you can have the access to it from here.
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