Live Photo to GIF: Twitter tests image viewing and sharing feature on iOS

Apple introduced Live Photos along with the launch of iPhone 6S in 2015. Since then the feature has compromised in popularity due to lack of support on some of the leading social networks.

Finally, it appears that Twitter is testing support for viewing and sharing Live Photos on their platform.

According to reports by social media researcher Matt Navarra, a code found within Twitter for iOS indicates that the app is supporting Live Photos and we would be able to share and view iOS photos by simply long pressing them.

Currently, users find have to go through a series of steps to share the photos from their iOS device to most of the social media platform including Twitter. Firstly, they have to convert the Live Photo to a ‘Loop’ or a ‘Bounce’ by swiping the image up from the bottom. Then, they share the Loop or Bounce image to Twitter or the social media platform of their choice that will convert it to a GIF.
Facebook was the first social network to add support for Live Photos on its platform. On Facebook, Live Photos are simply added with the standard iOS Live Photo icon in the upper-right corner. Users only have to long press on the photo to view the Live Photo effect.

We still don’t know when Twitter plans to launch the Live Photos feature to all iOS devices. It is also possible that the feature remains in testing mode and may never make it to our gadgets. Nonetheless, it is a good sign to see social networks at least considering the feature.

Are you also a Live Photos user or has a lack of support on social media platforms discouraged you from the app? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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