Matt Navarra's Twitter account was recently Taken over by the Company itself, amid privacy and data breach scandals!

Social Media Consultant, Matt Navarra’s Twitter account was recently taken over by Twitter team itself. In case you’re not aware of his work, Navarra is often the first one to reveal new features being tested by social media platforms. With so much insight, it shouldn’t be ruled out that Navarra has discussions with various bloggers and people working for the various companies through the Direct Messaging feature on Twitter.

A few days ago, Navarra posted an interesting tweet, in which he claimed to give someone an opportunity to take over his Twitter account for a day. Much to everyone’s surprise, Twitter's social media management team itself volunteered for the job. Initially, it seemed like a joke but that wasn’t the case!

Navarra explained TechCrunch that he wanted to take a day's leave from Twitter (due to a family tragedy) so he thought that it would be a fun idea if he lets someone run his account. He also added that Twitter’s response and willingness to do the job were surprising.

Navarra gave the control of his account to Twitter on Tuesday and also posted a screenshot of the DM conversation with the company regarding it. Twitter later said that Navarra himself was logged into the account the entire time.

So, as soon as the access was granted, Twitter began tweeting out as Navarra and it would be an understatement to call what transpired that day, as funny. The tweets mainly included jokes and sarcastic remarks about new features. In addition to that, some tweets were also posted, which Twitter claimed to be Navarra’s saved drafts, though the Social Media Geek said that those weren’t real drafts.

Things were going pretty smooth until Twitter announced that it would be reading Navarra’s DMs. This didn’t sit well with the people, who have had discussions with the Social Media Consultant through the messaging feature, including code hacker and one of the most reliable app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong. However, Navarra confirmed that he had deleted all the message threads prior to giving Twitter the account access. He also tweeted an apology, which is probably the best part of this experiment.

On the other hand, it’s actually quite surprising for Twitter to become a part of this activity, especially during a time when data breaches and privacy violations on social networks are a hot topic. What was supposed to be a fun day has raised a lot of questions now and Twitter has yet to provide a comment.

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