Stalkware Company Has Leaked Gigabytes of Personal Data of Victims and Made Accessible Online

An online storage folder has been discovered by Cian Heasley a cyber-security researcher, which can be accessed through the web. It has stored victims’ data collected by stalkers and snoops via the commercial program and has extracted photos and recordings from the devices.

The stolen data includes 25,000 MP3 recordings, making up a total of 3.7GB data, including private calls. There is also 16GB photos data, a total of 95,000, many of them private and personal images.
"The spyware app that's leaking this data allows its customers to monitor pretty much everything on the cellphone where it’s installed.", explained Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai in a blog post. Adding further, "The spyware lets its operator read the target’s phone contacts, text messages, listen to calls, record ambient sound by turning on the microphone, and much more." 
This spyware company has been reached several times by Heasley and Motherboard ( to inform about the security breach but they received no response.

These stalkware companies have been creating jealousy for spouses, employers, parents, and others by marketing their products. Such companies not only doing unethical activities but also are a great security risk and have been breaching the customers’ data.

In the last two years, 12 different vendors’ breaches have been discovered by Motherboard. These include Retina-X, FlexiSpy, TheTruthSpy, Xnore, Copy9, Family Orbit, Spy Master Pro, SpyHuman, Spyfone, mSpy, and Mobistealth.

This Spyware Data Leak Is So Bad We Can't Even Tell You About It
Photo: Stuart Kinlough/Getty Images

“People should not be using these [stalking] tools in the first place, but the fact that these companies aren’t very good at securing their own data is just the cherry on the bad idea sundae.”, said Eva Galperin, Electronic Frontier Foundation's director of cyber-security.

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