Researchers Spot 36 Security Blunders In LTE

You might not like to notice it, but security researchers keep a keen eye on what consumers are using these days and performing their duty well, they have yet again identified important loopholes in LTE’s (Long Term Evolution) armor. Together 36 in number, these vulnerabilities can cause massive level attacks while breaching your privacy in every possible way.

South Korean researchers have found out that LTE networks carry high probability of flaws that can disconnect someone from the cell network, let others eavesdrop on you or even control the data itself. This study has been derived after using a customized "fuzzing" tool, that feeds in large chunks of random data to spot irregularities.
Although the problem is a rare one, yet the situation gets worst, when one carrier holds different vulnerabilities on two separate networking devices, or in case one piece of network gear faces complicated issues on two or more separate carriers.

In response to that, the research team has decided to take one step ahead and therefore they're sharing their tools with carriers and device makers, so that these vulnerabilities could be fixed just on time, especially before it gets to the general public. While wireless may indeed be the future, you still can’t bet on anything in the tech world today.

Researchers find 36 security flaws in LTE

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