Undersea Cable MAREA, Owned By Facebook and Microsoft Set Record-breaking Speed Transfer

World’s highest capacity undersea cable is able to increase the speed 20 times more than it was expected. A 16QAM modulation experiment was carried out which resulted in a record-breaking speed of 26.2 Terabytes per second through a 4,000-mile transatlantic cable, owned by Facebook and Microsoft both.

A team from Infinera carried out the research in which each pair of cable’s eight optic fiber was expected to be capable of 20 Tbps but it showed 20 percent improvement in the theoretically calculated speed.

The experiment was carried out using the highest capacity subsea cable, MAREA cable, which in total is capable of transferring 160 TBPS. It is embedded undersea from Bilbao, Spain to Virginia Beach, Virginia and is operated by Telxius.

The experiment proved that existing cables, spread under the sea allows upgrading the speed capacity that too on such a long distance, without having to spend billions on changing the cable.

The average transfer rate of MAREA cable is 9.5 Tbps for now and was expected to transfer around 20 Tbps. This shows that it will take time before such high speed is made common as there are several hurdles in practical implementation.

Microsoft and Facebook’s undersea internet cable sets another record

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