Reddit Users Can Tip Real Money To This Lucky Fellow - But There Is A Surprise Behind It

Reddit is going to tempt its users again with an interesting feature that would let people tip real money to anyone on the platform. To start things off on a higher note, the company has even left some tip for a guy in one subreddit, who has been their favorite for years now.

The purpose behind introducing this feature is to support and empower all the users for achieving more through this networking site.

The lucky user ‘shittymorph’ is already known for writing insightful comments and brilliantly articulated opinions. Looking at his words, one begins to think that Reddit is all what people need and may be that is why he got selected for the beta testing of this fancy feature.

While thanking Reddit for some free cash, Shittymorph cleverly stated that he is proud to be selected for something so cool on the platform and hopes that the feature gets implemented in the right way for others as well.

Reddit has made the feature available to everyone using the updated version. Underneath every comment of shittymorph in subreddit, users will get the additional option to click on tip for sending money to him. They will also be able to see his total income displayed in green color right next to his name.

Reddit is testing money-tipping feature in sub-reddits

Previously users could reward people for their comments by gifting them a premium membership that has the advantages of hiding ads, highlighting new comments, and even creating a custom Reddit mascot avatar. But since money always stand of utmost importance, so this might turn out to be a total game changer.

However, Reddit still needs improvement in managing its own cut from the tip. Three percent of the tip goes to the payment processor Stripe, while Reddit takes a huge share of 18.5 percent from each tip, and the remaining 78.5 percent goes to the user.
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With all what shittymorph has earned so far through this experiment, $81 to be exact, he will only get $64 after all the deductions.

Besides that, Reddit is not the first one to introduce the tipping option as Facebook and YouTube also came out with a similar feature only to realize that people prefer services like PayPal and Venmo more because of low processing fees.

If Reddit is aiming to become the first company with best tipping options in the social media world, then they will have to reconstruct their payment policies.

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