Twitter's Periscope to Take Strict action Against Spamming Activities

A live streaming application by Twitter, Periscope is all set to take action against fake engagements. In an instant messaging platform, there are various accounts and chats that were reported for spamming. Upon which action has been taken.

App announced a policy update and improved its method of enforcing those guidelines. The platform has defined spamming as any activity that is aggressive, deceptive or in a bulk form, disruption Periscope or the user experience on the app.

Having fake hearts (AKA likes), followers, chats or view will be considered spamming and these fake engagements are strictly forbidden on the platform. Neither is it allowed to sell to promote for the sake of fake interactions.

Account selling, duplication and sharing misleading titles are also against Periscope's spam rules.

The app is also working on making their chat quality better and also soon users will be able to report accounts rather than activities. Periscope is focused on making people safe and make the community on the app an authentic one.

"We will continue working to build the best experience for the people who come to Periscope every day", said Periscope team in a Medium post.

Periscope details plan to curb spam activity and fake engagement
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