Windows/Android Integration getting stronger! Mobile apps can soon be accessed through PCs

Although Microsoft had to abandon the Windows Phone due to their lack of success, the company is still finding a way to penetrate into the smartphone market. As of late, Microsoft has been working on improving integration with the Android platform. Last year, the feature to transmit the phone’s text messages and photos on PC, was introduced.

The company is preparing to roll out a feature which will allow a user to mirror their phone’s screen on their PC. This means that users will have full access to their phone through their PC.

While the feature is currently in its testing phase and may take a few days (or weeks) to show up in the latest Windows 10 Insider builds, it may not be available for everyone due to compatibility issues. Microsoft has made it clear that the feature will only be functional for Android phones with Android 7.0 or higher versions. This narrows down the list to only a handful of Android phones such as Samsung’s S8, and S9 series. It’s unclear whether the feature will extend its services to the previous Android versions but it’s highly unlikely.
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In addition to that, the PC should also include a Bluetooth radio capable of supporting low energy peripheral roles. As of now, only Surface Go is the Microsoft PC compatible with this feature. Other PC’s might have different Bluetooth settings.

It should be noted however, that the feature is still in its initial phase and Microsoft will surely incorporate it into more PCs and phones as time goes by. But until the next major update of Windows 10 rolls out, do not expect something significant.

The mirror feature is a revolutionary idea. Although it has been implemented in some shapes and forms in the past (for example, Dell’s Mobile Connect and a number of Playstore apps designed for the same purpose), the direct incorporation into Windows 10 will definitely make the phone/PC integration available for many users. It will also help Android and PC in edging out Apple’s Mac and iPhone integration.

Windows 10 test update lets you mirror your Android phone on your PC
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