Firefox Lockbox Making Retrieving an Old Password Easier

Mozilla Firefox Lockbox has been facilitating iOS users to save their passwords to avoid having to enter it every time they want to log-in. Firefox launched Lockbox back in 2018 for only iOS users. The same service is now available on Android devices, making it easier to fetch the passwords that you have stored in Firefox previously by syncing it with your devices. The tool is not just another password manager, instead, it allows you to sign into the friend’s TV for streaming service.

"Say goodbye to the password “cheat sheet” stored as a note or “contact” in your phone or written on a sticky on your desk.", announced Mozilla team in a blog post. Adding further, "Firefox Lockbox works with autofill to make the transition from using your Firefox desktop browser to mobile seamless, by automatically filling in your passwords saved on desktop to your everyday apps like Facebook or Yelp, on your mobile device."
To ensure privacy, the password is saved with 256-bit encryption. To further make it more secure you can use fingerprint protection to access the app. It is a free tool that can be useful when you are logging into multiple accounts after a long period of time and want to retrieve them without resetting.

Users can read about how LockBox works in a detailed FAQ page here.

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