Hackers Target Magento-PayPal integration - Only To Check The Validity Of Stolen Cards

So, it is going this way; hackers are constantly visiting Magneto online shops that support PayPal Payflow Pro integration only to check the validity of debit or credit cards, which they have apparently bought from stolen card forums.

As stated in the security advisory issued by the Magento team, these attackers are doing hundreds of $0 transactions on every kind of Magneto stores (built on Magento 2.1.x and 2.2.x versions) for verifying the authenticity of cards’ details.

The PayPal Payflow Pro has helped Magento shops to integrate a payment option that allows transactions via a PayPal merchant (business) account. It has provided more convenience for users as majority of the stores worldwide, can receive payments via PayPal with just a checkout form embedded on the sites, instead of giving details to the PayPal portal every time.

The details of cards which hackers are testing on such platforms come from the dark cyber crime forums online, where many skimmers offer others to buy the information for hefty price. Most of the these cards turn out to be old or expired, so in order to ensure themselves about the purchase, buyers test the validity before they do the big fraud with it.

Magneto’s team is skeptical about the vulnerability present in both versions of its CMS—the self-hosted open source version, and the on-premise or cloud-based commercial Magento offerings. Moreover, there is also a chance of such attacks occurring in Magento 2.3.x versions as well.

Although these hackers haven’t stolen anything from the online stores, it’s still important for business owners to start using a web application firewall (WAF) or anti-fraud security systems to protect themselves from such abuse. These hackers know about you and they may have plans to steal you in near future.

As an extra safeguarding measure, the Magneto team has also announced that PayPal holds the right of suspending accounts with repeated automated operations on any site.

Hackers abuse Magento PayPal integration to test validity of stolen credit cards

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