YouTube Has Officially Announced A Download Recommendation Section

Moving on with the offline playback support option, YouTube has decided to further add a dedicated Recommended Downloads section to let users watch more of their favorite content for when they don’t have access to the internet. The section has already been tested on some profiles with positive response and will be available soon to all of its users.

While previously, YouTube only offered the option to download the video once you open it in the app, the content still remained limited for users. But with the new feature, it will now recommend all the content that can be downloaded on YouTube for offline viewing on the Downloads page, under the Recommended downloads section.

Users can download any of the recommended videos from the section with the attached download icon. Videos that were selected in the offline mode for download will also resume once you are connected to WiFi network (which should be approved for downloads).
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However, you can also hide the download recommendations by turning off the Recommended Downloads option in the Settings where you will click on Backgrounds & Downloads to set it accordingly.

Google has also confirmed about the Recommended Downloads section through its updated support page and after comprehensive testing, the section will be live in the following month.

Along with this, YouTube for Android and iOS will now have a reordered video resolution options as well. The app will show the videos in its highest quality first but can be decreased to lower levels depending upon the internet connection. The change has already been made via a server side update.

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