Twitter to Keep You Updated with latest News Stories In A New Update

Twitter, one of the leading social media platform, is trying a new feature of keeping users updated with the latest news stories by putting them on the top of the timeline.

Wally Gurzynski, Product Manager at Twitter, said the purpose of the feature is to keep users updated about what their followers have been discussing and what news stories are trending while they were inactive. Its tag line is “Catch up on what’s happened while you were away”.

Back in 2015 and 2016, Twitter launched such feature with the update of “While you were away” and “Never miss an update” but this time they are making it news specific. This would focus on highlighting popular and trending tweets as well as news from leading news agencies and media houses.

This is in the line up along with other features that Twitter is planning to test, to allow following specific conversations.
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For now, it has been rolled-out for iOS users as the testing process, whereas its final launching date has not been announced yet.

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