Twitter Wants You To 'Retweet With Comments' In A New Style

Twitter continues to try out more with its prototype testing program as the company is bringing subtle changes to retweets this time after replies. Users will now see a thin line to connect to the quoted retweet instead of the primary tweet being placed in a box.

Another recent development in Twitter’s app has removed the box entirely and the quoted tweet will be presented by a line when someone would retweet with a comment on it.

Here is a recent example of how it will really look like once the changes roll out.

Twitter’s latest test changes ‘Retweet with Comment’ so it looks more like a Reply
Screenshot: Twitter / @amasna

On the right, you can see the old quote-style retweet, whereas the left side shows you how such retweets will appear after the update.

This test is now open for all the Android and iOS users. Moreover, Twitter is also looking forward to introduce more conversational features for regular testing. The company believes that some of the best ideas can come from the community itself so these experimental prototypes can help the development team to make the right choices.
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Although, there is no confirmation about keeping these lines permanent for quoted retweets, it still does make the comment seem more like a proper conversation. We’ll have to just wait for public’s feedback now.
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