Here is Why Twitter is Showing You Random Retweets

A Twitter bug is letting random retweets appear in users timelineTwitter users have been facing a problem related to seeing tweets in the timeline from the users they do not follow. Many were expecting that maybe it is due to the new Twitter algorithm or recommendation system. But company confirmed that it is only a bug, that Android is affected from.

The bug is mislabeling the social proof tag on the retweets shown. This tag shows who, among the people you already follow, has retweeted. Twitter says that because of the wrong labeling of the social proof tag, the unknown retweets that are from within the circle of the user are appearing as from unknown or random person.

Twitter clarified that the retweets which were appearing as if done by someone you do not follow, are actually from the people you might know. Users have been facing this from a few days. Engineers are aware of the problem and working to fix it.

The company’s support account has not replied to any of the queries made by the users regarding the issue.

Twitter is known for putting irrelevant information on the timelines, like showing a user who is followed by many people you follow. This again is something from within your circle of followers but posting random retweets seemed worrisome.

Though Twitter is working to fix the bug, still you can choose to see less of it. On the right side of the tweets, tap the down arrow to tell Twitter that you are not interested in such content.

Featured Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images
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