Microsoft introduces the Windows 10 timeline extension for Google Chrome

Microsoft just made available the Windows 10 timeline extension on Google Chrome that allows users to track all documents and web pages they have accessed previously. As of now, the extension was only available for the users of Microsoft Edge.

Named as the Web Activities, the extension synchronizes the browsing history between different devices enabling users to resume their last session from any device.
"With the extension, you can visit a site in Chrome, then watch it appear on Timeline - and pick up where you left off.", Tweeted Windows Insider team on Twitter.
Additionally, the feature will also synchronize browsing data of Google Chrome through Microsoft Launcher on Android devices to enhance the cross-platform synchronization feature.

The Windows 10 timeline extension is easy to use. All users have to do is sign up with their Microsoft account, select a site they have recently visited and resume work from where it was left off.

Microsoft reveals that it also has plans to add further support for apps in their Timeline feature but the Chrome extension was their foremost priority.
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Recently, Microsoft also announced to roll out an update SHA-2 update for Windows 7 in March. Previously, Microsoft had claimed that it no longer has plans to update the operating system after January 14, 2020.

Click here to download the Web Activities Chrome extension.

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Timeline Extension For Google Chrome Users
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