MacOS Malware Steals Your Cryptocurrency By Hijacking Browser Cookies

One of the latest scandals in the world of cryptocurrency involves Apple, a company that is often considered to be one of the safest in the world when it comes to handling the personal data and privacy of the users it is attempting to provide services to. This scandal involves the arrival of a new form of malware that specifically targets your finances if those finances involve bitcoin or any other kind of cryptocurrency that people tend to use on a day to day basis.

This malware, which been given the name “Cookie Miner” due to its rather unique mode of operation, has already infected several computers and users. What it basically does is that it steals the cookies, another word for information such as your log in details and the like, for your cryptocurrency accounts. It then uses this information to access your account and transfer the cryptocurrency to a separate account, thereby robbing you.
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The malware rubs salt in your wounds by installing software that will make your system mine bitcoin without you even realizing it. This makes it a lot more important for you to look into securing your various accounts and being very wary of new software, especially third party extensions on web browsers.

Security Experts Discover Malware That Targets Apple Mac Computers and Cryptocurrency Accounts

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