Instagram’s Decision to Hide Story View List after 24-hours Creating Many Uproars

Instagram has now decided to disappear list showing who viewed your story after 24 hours. Stories on Instagram let you post pictures or videos temporarily and then disappear automatically.

Viewer list allows you to see who has been stalking you or seeing your stories. Now the user who posts the story will not be able to see the viewer list after 24 hours as it will be cleared.

Matt Navarra, Social Media Guru noticed the change and tweeted about how users are angry over the decision. Many others also used Twitter to show their disappointment over this. A lot of them have been calling this unfair and how Instagram sucks now. People archive stories to see who is stalking them.
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Though stories on Instagram disappear after 24 hours but can be saved to “Highlight” list, which can be seen for a longer time. Now saved stories will not be showing the viewers which is disappointing for many.
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