Google is experimenting with New UI for Two-Step verification pages on smartphones

Two-step authentication for verification of accounts is something that all should go for Google accounts. Sending SMS and then Google Authenticator methods are traditional which is not so convenient, therefore in 2016 Google introduced new methods which let users use two-step verification approval prompt. This has brought ease for many and many layouts of it have been introduced so far.

Recently, Google is trying two new User Interfaces which look more modern and unique than the older version. The main and only difference between these two designs is the alignment of YES and NO options. In one it is assembled vertically while in the other design it is horizontal. Horizontal looks more convenient as the “No” button on vertical design could be easier to select.

We will have to wait until Google finalizes the layout and make it available for users.

Google keeps changing its login page design and user interface, so it's important for security savvy user to keep update with what Google is up to so that they can avoid similar/old phishing pages who try to hack users data
Screenshots: Androidpolice.

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