Facebook is Developing Cross Platform Interoperability for Businesses

A business will need to have all of the requisite info in one place if it wants to be able to make the most of the work that it is trying to do. That being said, most businesses are going to need multiple social media accounts. After all, each specific type of social media platform has the potential to target a different audience because of the fact that different demographics tend to use different platforms for their day to day social media browsing needs.

Facebook is attempting to bridge the gap between these two disparate needs of a company by creating a level of interoperability that would allow businesses to have DMs that they receive on Instagram delivered to the Facebook pages that they might be using in order to market and run their business. The main benefit of this is that it will bring all communication that the business is dealing with in one place, thereby reducing the need to check multiple platforms time and time again. While businesses are definitely going to expand beyond the Instagram and Facebook duopoly, the existence of this interoperability is definitely going to make things easier for some time.

Every month, tens of millions of people contact businesses through Instagram. Hence, it makes sense that the platform is trying to streamline things for both businesses as well as consumers. Reports that were released a few weeks ago have stated that Facebook is working very hard on interoperability, and at some point will create cross platform functionality for all of its various properties including Messenger and WhatsApp as well. Getting WhatsApp messages directly to your Facebook page is definitely going to be the next big step that this social media conglomerate should be taking.

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