YouTube Announces Changes to Sharing Options

YouTube has announced that the company will be removing built-in sharing options from the popular app by the end of this month. The next update will not have built in sharing features for social media networks including Google+ and Twitter. The decision was announced through a post by a Team YouTube member at the start of the week. The post informed that the functions will be taken away from all users by 31st January.

Built-in sharing features have been offered by YouTube for years and it is upsetting that they will not be offered anymore. The features are useful for content creators on YouTube: They can avoid using other services and visiting other websites since the built-in sharing features allow them to share their YouTube activity directly with connected social networks. The update will allow already shared public activity to remain on Twitter since though.
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Users will still be able to add links from their social media to their YouTube channels and share videos from pages. Users can still use the share button to directly share videos to their social media. Content creators will get an option to share videos on social media services after they have uploaded on YouTube. But YouTube will not allow users and content creators to post directly to prominent social media platforms of Google+ and Twitter. Users will also be unable to directly share videos to social media through the upload flow in Creator Studio.

YouTube will not have the following feature: Settings > Connected apps > Share your public activity to Twitter.

YouTube to remove automatic Twitter and GooglePlus posting feature on January 31st 2019

YouTube did not communicate an explanation for its decision to remove the features nor did it inform what the company plans to do to replace these features. Recently, most features have been shut down because of insufficient use by users. Taking down built-in sharing features stand out since many content creators use it yet it is being removed. Users benefitting from the feature must now find an alternative before the end of the month.

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