Jake Paul and Ricegum Under Fire After Mystery Box Sponsorship

One of the ways in which YouTubers earn money is that they get paid by certain companies to promote their products. While many of the sponsors that YouTubers are able to get are rather harmless such as the ever present Audible, some are not quite as innocent. An example of this can be seen in the recent sponsorships received by YouTubers Jake PaulRicegum and several others.

This sponsorship basically involved a Mystery Box company that asked you to pay anywhere between two to twelve hundred dollars to get the chance to click on a box that would open up and reveal a prize inside. The prizes depend on the kind of box you are going for. The cheapest box can get you anything from the latest iPhone to a box full of nothing but slime, and the most expensive boxes are supposed to give you the chance to win an actual car.

The pair of YouTubers are coming under fire for accepting this sponsorship because of the fact that this is basically gambling and they both have a very young audience. Prominent YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Keemstar have also condemned the Mystery Box company, referring to it as a scam that is meant to make people spend large amounts of money before they have any chance of winning a prize.
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One of the problems with YouTube celebrity culture is that there is too much creative control, and the stars in question are often very young themselves. This is an example of how these YouTube celebrities could potentially end up making mistakes that could cause a lot of damage because of the fact that the people that follow them are often quite young and impressionable and take what they say very seriously indeed.

YouTube stars under fire for 'loot box' videos

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