YouTube tweaks its mobile app for a better viewing experience

YouTube App Update Swipes to View the Next VideoYouTube is currently in the process of updating its mobile app to make navigation through videos more convenient for users. The company announced that the update would be rolled out this week that would allow users to move forward and backward through the videos you are watching with a horizontal sweeping gesture.

Additionally, the video will resume where the user left it off.

According to YouTube, the change is implemented to give users more control over video playback on mobile.

Since more than 70% of YouTube viewing takes place on a mobile platform, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company is making several changes specifically for its mobile users.

Last year as well, the company added several new features including the short-form creator content called Stories, screen time controls, autoplay videos on the homepage, a dark mode, and lots more.
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Moreover, YouTube is working towards enhancing the use of gestures on mobile devices. E.g., around two years back it first launched the ‘double-tap video’ feature that enables users to jump forward or back by 10 seconds.

YouTube adds swipe-based navigation on your phone

With the new feature, YouTube is trying to make it easier for users to move through its app and browse content, which would ultimately result in increased user engagement. In fact, it would allow users to use the app for long periods of time that would provide advertisers with more monetization opportunities.

As per the statement by YouTube, the new feature is rolling out this week for iOS users while the Android users would have to wait for some days as the company is still in the process of deciding the launch date for them.

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