Different Types of Designers You Can Relate To (Infographic)

Every designer has an individual personality. They all have their own way of working, and executing  ideas, each having their own positive and negative aspects.

Some of the designers like to work all on their own, while others may be more into socializing. There are a few who get inspired from others easily and may never be satisfied with their own. While others are the most innovative ones, putting all their creativity into design.

Which type do you belong to? Is there something you can totally relate to? Or are you a mix of many types?
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Jonathan Lupo, a designer has created the infographic to help you identify which type you belong to. These tell about how much effort you put into project, your focus and in what way you are benefiting your organization.

Check for yourself which team you belong to. Make sure you keep up the good work and never let anyone bring you down.

Different Types of Designers You Can Relate To (Infographic)
Which Designer Are You?
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