Microsoft's LinkedIn Makes Phone Verification Mandatory in Accordance With Chinese Laws

Phone number verification is mandatory for all LinkedIn users in China2018 has made it so that pretty much everyone out there is very cautious about giving social media platforms any more information than is absolutely necessary. LinkedIn, which is owned by none other than the behemoth of tech that is Microsoft, has often been praised for not requiring people to use a phone number while they are registering for the service. This has made it easier for people to control the amount of data that the social media platform actually ends up getting from you which is useful because of the fact that it will make you feel safer if a data breach actually occurs.

However, if you live in China then this is no longer going to be the case for you. This is because of the fact that LinkedIn received a legal notice from the Chinese regulatory authorities that are responsible for controlling how people access the internet. This legal notice has forced LinkedIn to start asking people that are using the platform in China to start giving the platform their phone numbers so that their identity can be verified.

Microsoft's LinkedIn Demands Phone Verification From Users to Follow Chinese Laws

This is happening because of the fact that Chinese authorities want to prevent people using the internet under an assumed name. They basically want everyone that is using the internet to be doing so using their real identities. LinkedIn obviously has no choice but to acquiesce to the demands of the government, and it looks like people in China are just going to have to deal with it if they want to use the social media platform.
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China is notorious for being very strict in its regulatory policies, something that has prevented Google as well as Facebook from becoming prevalent there. This is another example of a tech company being forced to comply.

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