Instagram Responds to Claims It Limits Post Reach

Instagram clarifies that it's not limiting the reach of postsA bunch of posts has recently been going around that could potentially be very damaging indeed to the reputation of Facebook owned Instagram. What this copypasta basically says is that whatever you post to your Instagram account only ends up reaching about seven percent of your followers because of the fact that the social media platform limits your reach intentionally so that they can earn more money from people that end up having to pay for advertising so that they are able to make the most of the followers that they have ended up acquiring.

This copypasta is a pretty blatant attempt to get your post to get more likes and comments and therefore create some kind of fake organic reach. This becomes easier to understand when you realize that most of these posts ask you to like or comment so that the reach can grow and Instagram’s ostensibly notorious agenda of preventing people from accessing all of their followers can finally end up being stopped. However, in spite how obvious this misinformed campaign is, enough people have ended up sharing it that Instagram actually had to address the matter, showing that even social media platforms themselves are subject to the same dangers that anyone can face because of the fact that fake news spreads so fast on these platforms.
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Instagram has tweeted and posted to several social media accounts about how their timeline algorithms work. These tweets have probably cleared things up for a lot of people but there are probably a few users out there who are still hazy on the matter and might just end up sharing a post such as the copypastas that have been going around. It just goes to show how destructive social media can be when it’s not controlled.
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