Microsoft’s Project Bali Could Give You Complete Control Over Your Data

Microsoft tests a new feature to give users control over their personal dataOne of the biggest issues in the world today has to do with the data that is generated when we end up using the internet on a regular basis. This data is used to earn corporations enormous amounts of money, and in a lot of ways ends up exposing us to all manner of unsavory situations that we might not like to be a part of but would have no control over simply because of the fact that we have not done enough to protect ourselves from these kinds of things.

Microsoft is apparently coming up with something that could potentially make it a lot easier for you to gain control over your data. They refer to this project as “Bali”, and it is basically going to be an enormous bank of data. Basically, your data is currently inversely accessible. What this means is that other people have access to it but you don’t. Project Bali is supposed to be something that would change this and make data that belongs to you become a lot easier for you to control.

There is a web page that is associated with the project but this webpage currently only has an About section that describes it as a way to visualize and gain access to your data. It also talks about users being able to monetize this data. There is no further word on this but it could potentially prove to be a game changer.

Project Bali: How Microsoft Is Planning To Give You Complete Control Of Your Data
Screenshot: Longhorn / Twitter

You should keep in mind that most projects don’t actually come to fruition, but Microsoft could potentially pull off something big here if Project Bali ends up going live. This could lead to a newer internet that would be a great deal safer for people in general and would be easier to use as well.

Featured Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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