An Update by Microsoft Edge, introducing NewsGuard to put up an end the Fake news

Microsoft Edge has introduced the solution to put up an end to the fake news. Yes, an update of NewsGaurd has introduced in the digital world which mainly inform us about the reliability of the source of news and content, into the Microsoft Edge browser on Android and iOS devices.
"We’re listening to your feedback and updating the app regularly to bring you the best browsing experience across your devices. [Microsoft Edge users] can know about the reliability of news source through rating flag provided by NewsGuard.", updated Microsoft Edge on App Store.
It is really disgusting, whenever we get fake information. It's safe to say that fake news is not only a problem of an individual but the entire world is affected by the disinformation. It can cause literally immense trouble, because people may take horrible decisions according to the fake news. So that Microsoft provided the solution of this global issue.

In the field of journalism, it would be a very useful tool to avoid spreading fake news. Previously many websites and social media platforms were actively busy in spreading false news, just for the sake of getting better reach and tempting people. Limited to beta testing mode, now it is useful for the public. Now NewsGuard has made it possible to recognize the misinformation or false news. Educated analysts, experienced newshounds and trained journalist will help readers and visitors to differentiate between legitimate and false news.

Moreover, Microsoft has rolled out a few more features like ‘close the browser’ choice in the ellipsis menu as well as bug fixes and performance improvement options are also available.

Microsoft takes a step forward to combat Fake News, rolls out NewsGuard to Edge Browser on Android and iOS devices
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