Google Voice Update: VoIP Calls Are Coming Soon (But not for all)

A much needed update that was also long due for Google Voice is finally happening. Following the commitment to overhaul the app back in 2017, Google Voice is now rolling out with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as well.

Scott Johnston, a Real Time Communications product lead at Google, in a recent tweet has announced that the feature of VoIP calls will be live for the users of Google Voice in the upcoming weeks. This will let users choose the option of placing or receiving calls over WiFi and mobile data.

The recent feature has been tested for eight months in its beta phase and was then first made available for some users in September 2018. Google never gave any reason for not making it open to everyone at that time but it seems like that the company decided to fix the loopholes before going wide in public.
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Prior to this, Google Voice never had VoIP and their capabilities were only restricted to traditional phone line connections. But, with the way community around the world is moving to WiFi as an alternative, this seems like a right move at the right time.

As of now, Google Voice is only operating in USA and Canada for users who have a personal Google or G-Suite account but the possibilities of it being expanded around the world are also very high.

Google Voice VoIP calls will be live soon only for G Suite Users in 11 countries

Update: Google Voice for G Suite users (currently in beta mode) will soon roll out in these countries first: Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the US. Users in other countries will have to wait until next update. Johnston updated that his team currently don't have any plans to expand the consumer offering.
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