Google Chrome’s Latest Version Finally Rolls Out

Google Chrome has an update. The update doesn’t have a very fancy name (it seems like Google is sticking with Google Chrome 72 in the same vein as the previous updates that had been published on the platform) but there are quite a few features that you might be somewhat excited to hear about.

Chromecast dongles can no longer be set up using the web browser, you will have to use the Google Home app for that now. This is clearly an attempt to drive more traffic towards that app, something that is going to happen because of the fact that Chromecast is popular enough to force people’s hands.

There are a lot of API improvements that make up for this loss in functionality, however. The various security issues that so many people have been complaining about are becoming a great deal less significant which is heartening to hear after a year full of data loss.

You are also going to notice far fewer pop ups than before because of the fact that Chrome now has built in pop up prevention. This will be very useful while you are surfing the seedier part of the internet.

Photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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