Facebook Responds to Report that Half of Its Users Are Fake

A recent Tweet by PlainSite included statements by a former classmate of Mark Zuckerberg by the name of Aaron Greenspan has been categorically rejected by Facebook. Greenspan released a 70 page report that included a lot of wild statements, one of which was that half of the accounts that are currently on Facebook are completely fake. The fact of the matter is that claims like this can spark a lot of responses especially on social media because Facebook has become a bit of a punching bag after a series of scandals revealed that it was not very good at protecting user privacy at this point in time.
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However, the claim that half of Facebook’s accounts are fake is entirely false according to a spokesperson for the social media platform. Indeed, it’s not tough to see that the report that was released might not be the most accurate thing out there especially when you consider the fact that it also includes statements that claim that Greenspan is the person that actually came up with Facebook and that he was paid a certain amount in exchange for the right to take the platform further.

Facebook’s reputation has been tarnished and for good reason. However, the fact of the matter is that not all of the bad news we are going to be reading about the social media platform is going to be true. In spite of the fact that Facebook has made a lot of mistakes in the past, there are quite a few people out there who might benefit from seeing the social media giant end up experiencing a downfall. Hence, making sure that the news you are receiving is accurate is very important indeed.

Facebook Responds to Report that Half of Its Users Are Fake
Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images
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