Facebook Tried to Pay Teens to Sell Their Data

If there is one thing that Facebook is guilty of, it is trying to misappropriate user data. It seems like the latest attempt by the social media platform to greedily grab as much data as possible has created a lot of problems for it. Using third parties such as uTest and the like. Basically what the company did is that it put up an ad for a new app by the name of “Facebook Research”. Users were offered twenty dollars to download the app, after which the app would get complete access to pretty much all of the activity that the user of the phone would be taking part in.

Apple has removed the app from the app store and has stated that Facebook’s app has been blocked as well. The truly scary thing is that Facebook attempted to manipulate teen into selling their data, something that a lot of parents are going to very concerned about indeed. The fact of the matter is that Facebook’s data collection efforts are slowly starting to get scarier and scarier, and they might just end up going even further overboard than they already have.
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Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them
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