Facebook Partners Up With Airbus For Its Internet Drone Project

Facebook has taken a step further to revamp its drone project which will now go for a test in Australia. The social media giant has partnered up with Airbus for their initiative and with this they now aim to spread easily accessible internet around the world.

As per the documents acquired by Netzpolitik, Facebook is soon going to use Airbus’s Zephyr drone for its internet drone project while Airbus on the other hand is already in talks with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to get drone testing approvals at the Wyndham airfield in Western Australia.

The Zephyr drones come with a wingspan of 25 meters and solar powered batteries that can also stay in the air for 26 days. The credibility of such drones have already been tested for military purposes and Facebook strongly believes that with such technology they can provide internet access to areas which were once impossible to cover as well.

Previously, these tests were expected to take place in November and December 2018, but Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make sure that Facebook should come forward with better preparations for High Altitude Platform Systems (HAPS), and therefore the delay occurred.
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Although, we are not sure about the viability of the internet via drones and its impact on net neutrality but Facebook’s current projects related to Internet access like Free Basics initiative in the developing countries to provide unlimited free data and public-private WiFi program is shaping up the community for better.

If this drone project gets successful then this would indeed be a revolutionary change for the internet world.

Facebook is secretly working with Airbus and testing drone flights in the Australian bush
Photo: Airbus

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