Facebook Remains a Major Source for News

It seems like Facebook is still the king of social media. The addiction of Facebook triggered into the mind of the people so much that despite of mega-scandal the tech giant is ruling among the people in one way or the other that is somewhat depicted in Pew study. According to the Pew Research Center, almost 43% of the adults are using Facebook as a source of news information whereas YouTube is sharing 21% of the news and Twitter 12%.

Chart: Facebook Remains a Major Gateway to Online News

However, the results show, still people consider Facebook as a top source of getting news despite the fake news controversies. This indicates Facebook still maintain the trust bonds among the people. But statistic shows that almost 20% of the adults often refers social media platform for news and 27% of adults do sometimes, both remained constant as compared to the previous year.

Facebook Remains a Major Source for News

It might appear that most of the people use social media as a medium for getting news as it is the most convenient way of getting information but still the new users take news most of the time as inaccurate.

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