Researcher reveals code that can create Facebook worm

A Polish security researcher has recently published details and evidence of code that can be used to create a fully functional Facebook worm. Lasq, the researcher claims that the code has been used numerous times by Facebook spammer groups and evidently affects the mobile version of the social media platform.

According to Lasq, the vulnerability allows the spammers to post links on people’s Facebook walls.

The researcher claims to track down the issue and share with Facebook, who ultimately declined the same and refused to fix. However, Lasq finds the issue very dangerous and stresses how important it is to patch the security breach before users unknowingly expose themselves on their Facebook walls.

When contacted Facebook, the company shows gratefulness for the researcher’s time and effort in creating the report. However, a Facebook spokesperson claims that they have a clickjacking detection system in place to prevent any form of abuse. The company also invests time and resources continuously in order to improve these services to mitigate the risks described in the researcher’s report.

Researcher publishes proof-of-concept code for creating Facebook worm

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